The Carrie Diaries: Will There Be A 3rd Season?

The Carrie Diaries may be The CW’s first season finale, but will Friday’s episode be the series’ last?

I certainly hope not, but it seems I’m one of few who’s tuning into this show. As a diehard Sex and the City fan, I can understand why so many SATC OG’s are anti-baby Bradshaw, but if you take it for what it is — a sweet, and sometimes pretty sexy, coming-of-age teenage drama — it’s really is really, really bitchin’.

Photo credit: E! Online

Charlotte and Samantha, won’t you come join us? Photo credit: E! Online

This week’s finale set the series up perfectly for season three, but the low ratings don’t give such high hope for another pick-up. But you know what they say: you can’t cancel everything. Plus, now that The CW has gone all sci-fi on us, they really still need a Gossip Girl fill-in. Yes, I’m still having Blair Waldorf withdrawals like the rest of you. Call me “lonely boy”…

In hopes of AnnaSophia Robb (Carrie) and Lindsey Gort (Samantha) — she’s so fabulous as Ms. Jones, is she not?! — getting another round of city dwelling, here are the hottest burning questions, after the season ender left us with some ‘seriously, I have to wait how many more months?’ cliffhangers:

  • Are Carrie and Sebastian dunzo, now that Bradshaw’s staying put in NYC and Kydd’s heading to the ‘Bu?
  • Will Carrie rekindle that flame with Weaver? (If not, what was the point of her impromptu visit?)
  • Where will Carrie land next? NYU? Interview? Another mag? Will she be a waitress?!
  • What types of shenanigans can we look forward to, now that Carrie and Samantha are roomies?
  • What’s next for the rest of the clique? Maggie’s apparently getting married, Walt is happily ever after and the rest are off to college. Will the Castlebury crew carry on?

Carrie Diaries fans: be heard! It just may be your last chance (fingers crossed for #3)! What is your hottest burning questions after Carrie’s big graduation day?


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